Member Letter from the Board Aug. 3 2018

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Hello Members,

Here is an update from the 7/21/18 meeting. Thank you to those members who have paid their 2018-2019 assessments. Remember, assessments are due August 1st and delinquent September 1st. There is a 10% late fee for payments postmarked after Aug. 31st, and a 1% monthly interest charge starting Oct. 1st. Please send all payments to the above mailing address. The ESA balance on accounts must be paid in full by Dec. 31st. Our loan from Bank of the West finalizes in Jan, 2019. Another pine needle dumpster and shredding weekend is scheduled for Sept. 7-10. Remember, no bags of needles, garbage, limbs, go into the dumpster. If you’ve been cleaning up your lot you must take the needles to the dumpster. Brian and Mark will not pick up piles nor bags. Also, if you place limbs on the roadside, be sure the cut end is at the road for easy handling. Do not put boards nor needles in the limb pile, limbs only. Brian will not shred the pile and you will be responsible for getting it to the dump. No branches larger than 5” in diameter and no small stick piles will be shredded. Do not pile limbs after the shredding weekend. They may get in the way of snow plowing and damage the equipment, for which you would be responsible. There are reports of people excessively watering their lots. Remember, our water is treated and costly. Water only when necessary and only on necessary areas. Be water conscious. A drainage committee was formed to look into lots that have caused drainage issues for Pla-vada and their neighbors this last winter so that problems on members’ lots can be addressed by them before winter arrives. Pla-Vada is moving closer to getting the new water tank on line before fall. There have been so many sales of homes this spring and summer with water meters being installed that the water meter committee’s time table for installation throughout the association will be refined over the winter months. Awareness of the presence of the bark beetle was introduced. If you have a tree with evidence of the bark beetle, please cut and remove the tree before the beetle moves on to other’s property. You can contact local nurseries for information. We don’t want to see massive death of trees in our area. If you have a fire pit, watch for the red flag warnings that mean no fires. These are issued by the Fire District. The ARC Property and Development Construction Handbook revision is attached and will be discussed at the 8/25 board meeting.

Enjoy the mountains,

PVCA Board of Directors

Member Letter 7-24-18