Update for Dec. 15, 2018 from Board of Directors Meeting

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Hello Members,
This is an update from the Dec. 15, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting. The ESA loan will be paid off in Jan. All ESA accounts should be paid in full by the end of Dec. Brian and the boys are still dealing with water leaks, clearing up drainage issues, and clearing sewer clogs before winter really hits. The sewer ponds have been switched for the winter. The fuel tanks by the treatment plant are in place, bolted, bollards placed, and in use. Several policies are being reviewed and updated. The parking policy’s revisions will be voted on at the next meeting. See the Parking Policy revisions attached to this email. The General Rules, Delinquency, and Lot Maintenance policies are sill under revision. Budget discussions for the 2019-2020 fiscal year are underway. Projects mentioned include a parking area on Conifer, storage at Well 3, house repairs for association’s house, water meter supplies for installation starting next summer, planning for new dumpster area behind shop, materials for the water treatment facility, and new equipment. Along with the budget preparation, a discussion centered on the ratio of lot fees to cabin fees and percent of increase for the annual assessment. The Board wants to increase the ratio of lot to cabin fees over time to 65%. Now the ratio is 48%. Talk also centers on the replacement fund necessary to ensure financial security if any major event occurs with our water, sewer, or road facilities. The next meeting will be Jan. 19th, 9:00am, Donner summit PUD Office. The call-in numbers are on an agenda posted on the website. Call the office if you have any questions.
Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy Pla-Vada.
PVCA Board of Directors
PlaVada parking policy revision 12-18