Info for Jan. 24, 2019

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Hello Members,

This is an update from the January 19th meeting. Brian reported the crew was able to keep up with the snow removal during these past storms. Be sure to use your parking placard if you are parked in a PVCA parking area. Many vehicles with snow mobiles and trailers did not have placards or contact information and are subject to immediate towing. You also can not park on any roadside at any time and are subject to immediate towing. When parking in your driveway pull forward far enough to allow the snow plows to effectively clear the road. Another concern brought up by members involves dogs running free and members not picking up the solid dog waste. If you see this happening, document the event by photo so the owner can be contacted and report this to Nevada County Animal Control at 530-265-1471. You can send the photo to the PVCA office as well but the Animal Control Dept. has ultimate jurisdiction on this matter. Several PVCA policies are under review and will be adopted at the Feb. meeting. Parking, General Rules and Regulations, and Delinquency policies have undergone revision these past months. New policies, Intent to Rent and Lot Maintenance, are in process. Check them out on the website. The 2019-2010 proposed budget is also available for comment on the website. The Board voted to raise the Annual Assessment on cabins 2%, to $1555.50, and on lots 5%, to $770.70. There is no discount this year. The board is working on a plan to increase the reserves to guarantee funds for projects and emergencies. Some of the plans include having a committee to develop the dumpster area and a general plan to evaluate the drainage throughout PVCA.

Enjoy Pla-Vada,

PVCA Board of Directors
Plavada Lot Maintenance Policy proposed 2-23-19

Plavada parking policy revision 2-23-19

Plavada delinquency policy revision 2-23-19

PVCA Budget Planning 2019-2020 1-15-19

Plavada general rules revision 2-23-19

Plavada Intent to rent form 2-23-19

2-23-19 BOD MTG agenda