Dog Issues

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There are always “dog issues” within Plavada. Our Rules & Regulations state dogs are to be on a leash when off their property, may not cause a nuisance, and owners must clean up after the dogs. This does not always happen. If you are reporting a breach, please take and send a picture of the dog and let the office know where the dog lives. Once the dog has been identified, a “Good Neighbor” letter can be sent to the owner. Also, Nevada Co., as part of the General Code, has dog requirements as well. The code covers licensing, prohibiting running at large, and nuisance. The General Code, Complaint Form, and Documentation Form are here on our website. If you are having repeated issues with dogs, use these forms to report the dog to Nevada County Animal Control.
Their phone number is: 530-265-1471.
Nevada Co. General Code
Barking Dog Log
Complaint Form
Website dog issue