Message from Board 9/24/2019

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Hello Members,
This is the 9/21 meeting update. Thanks so much to the members showing up on Sept. 14th to help with cleanup. Brian really appreciated your help and it was very successful. There will be another volunteer cleanup date, Oct. 26th, 8:00-12:00, meet at the shop. We’ll continue cleanup before winter sets in. Let the office know if you are available. Chipping happened on the week of the 14th. After
3 1/2 days, most of the piles were gone. Since members were so committed to the project and there were piles still to be chipped, another round of chipping is scheduled for October. All tree limbs, 5″ in diameter or less, must be put cut end out on the roadside by Oct. 15th. Remember, this is not for pine needles, pine cones, a pile of sticks, garbage, etc. The pile must be on the roadside, not just on your lot. If you can not have your pile ready by the 15th, don’t make a shredding pile this year. Shredding piles left over the winter may cause problems with snow plowing. Piles put on the roadside after Oct. 15th may be subject to the Lot Maintenance Policy fine. Member communication using the website, FaceBook, and texting was discussed. Look for more information moving forward. The General Rules are still under revision. Lot maintenance inspection will occur again before winter. If you received a letter about snow damage or lot cleanup and have not responded to the office telling of compliance, please send in the work form letting the board know you have completed the work.
The next meeting is Oct. 19, 2019, 9:00am, Donner Summit PUD office.

Winter is coming, prepare your home. We don’t want the water leaks like last year.

Pla-Vada Community Association Board of Directors