From the Board October 21, 2019

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Hello Members,
Here is the update from the October 19, 2019 meeting. Remember, there is a community cleanup day this Sat., Oct.26th, 8:00-12:00. Meet at the shop. Brian has cleanup areas still to be completed before winter. He’ll also be around to finish up the chipping. Do not put any more limbs out. Clean up all twig piles since those do not get chipped nor picked up by Plavada. Included in this update is a copy of the revisions to the General Rules and Regulations Policy that will be voted on at the next meeting, November 16th. If you have any comments, please write a letter to the Board or attend the next meeting. The Fire Wise Committee gave a report on the association inspection. The three main areas pointed out for concern were the cleanup of lots, stacked wood, and storage under decks. Exposed fire wood, especially near homes, is a concern to the committee. The type of storage under decks can also lead to sparks igniting fires. More information on these areas will be upcoming. The Lot Maintenance Policy works to address these concerns and will be implemented more fully come next Spring. Another area brought up by both the committee and members is the single formal access to Pla-Vada over the bridge. Work will begin on exploring the possibilities of a second formal exit. There are many other ways out of Plavada that may not be known to all members that make use of the various trails at different locations within Pla-Vada. The Facebook group continues to grow. It’s a good way to stay on top of immediate association news that may impact your stay, water off, electricity off, etc. The Board is looking for help with the website. If you know website design and have time to help out, please contact the office. Pla-Vada is still looking for a third full time employee. If you know of interested persons, please have them contact the office, especially with winter coming and snow removal an important part of the job.
The next meeting is November 16, 2019, 9:00am, Donner Summit PUD office. Enjoy the changing of the seasons,
Pla-Vada Community Association Board of Directors