Member Letter 12-28-2019

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Hello Members,
This is an update from the December 21st Board meeting. The Snow Removal Policy was reviewed as several members had comments and questions. Remember, you may have only a 20′ entrance to your property across the roadright-of-waythatcanbeplowed. Ifyouhavea”U”shapeddriveway,youareallowedonly1entrancetoyour property. Therestoftheroadright-of-wayisusedforsnowstoragebyouremployees.Youmayplowparkingareas on your property but all snow must be placed on your property, not blown onto Plavada land. If you contract with a private snow removal company, be sure to pass this information to them as well. Plavada taxes for the last fiscal year were submitted and $54,593.00 was the amount that will be transferred to the reserves. This improves our reserve fund for upcoming projects in the next budget planning meetings. The several association work days this year were very helpful. Discussion at the next meeting will center on establishing an annual day to hold the workday and accompany it with a picnic of some type. The 2020-2021 budget planning is ongoing. Several projects discussed are the dumpster area improvement, water meter installations, Fire Wise Plan, and water line replacement. Lots 48/59 plans are under discussion. There have been several new water leaks. Be sure your cabin is winterized both inside and outside. Check the Parking Policy to see where you or guests could park if your driveway is inaccessible.
The next meeting is January 18, 2020, 9:00 AM, Donner Summit PUD office.
If you would like to receive communication by email, please complete the enclosed consent form and return to the office. Financial account information is mailed to all members.
Enjoy the winter,
Plavada Community Association Board of Directors