Message from the Board Jan 20,2020

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Hello Members,

Here is the update from the 1/18/20 meeting. The main item discussed was the upcoming year’s budget and how our dues need to cover projects as well as daily operational expenses. The discussion centered on increases for both land and cabin lots. The proposed dues for cabin lots will be $1800.00 per year and land lots $920.00 per year. As we all know, water leaks have led the list of concerns these last couple of years. Requiring water meter installation on all cabins helps to mitigate the affect on surrounding cabins. Brian installs meters on all cabins without meters when there is a change of ownership. He will continue to work on other meters according to the water meter list as the seasons permit. Water leaks within Pla-Vada water lines have also increased. Since this is an infrastructural concern, water line replacement will start happening this year. Sections of roads have been identified as priority projects. By starting this year, and moving forward year to year, it will prevent another special assessment. At this time there is approximately $350,000 in reserves to help with the water line replacement and other reserve expenses. The board wants to maintain a solid balance in the account in case of other needs. The proposed budget will be voted on at the next meeting, February 15, 2020. You may send comments to the Board or attend the meeting.

The next item discussed at the meeting deals with the upcoming Directors election. It’s time to think about running for a position on the Board. There is a new state law affecting HOA’s. Fortunately, most of the changes already coincide with Pla-Vada’s election policy. More information will be forthcoming next month.

As you know, Pla-Vada has been searching for a 3rd full time maintenance worker since 2018. With housing costs increasing and availability of workers and rentals in our area decreasing, the Board is researching ways to help an employee with housing. This may help recruit a worker in our area. Any suggestions along these lines is welcome.

With snow on the ground, please review the Snow Removal policy as well as the Parking Policy. Each lot may only have 20′ of access from the road to your property line. You may not blow the snow into our roads, only onto your own property. You may not park on the road right-of-way. You may park in the Unit 6 parking lot and other locations indicated in the Parking Policy. You must also use your parking pass to identify your vehicle. You may be immediately towed if found parked in other areas.

The next meeting is February 15th, 9:00 AM, Donner Summit PUD office.

Winter is here, enjoy the season!

PVCA Board of Directors