Meeting Update from Feb 15, 2020

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Hello Members,

Here is the update from the February 15th meeting. The 2020-2021 Proposed Budget was approved. The annual assessment for cabin lots will be $1800.00 and for land lots, $920.00. The assessment will be sent out by June 1, 2020, due August 1, 2020, and delinquent September 1, 2020.

There were 2 topics brought before the board by members at the meeting. The first is the issue of dog poop not being picked up by dog owners. According to PVCA General Rules and Regulations:
4. Dogs, and all other animals, are not allowed to run free on any of PlaVada common areas or road right of ways (ROW) at any time. Dogs MUST be on a leash when off the owner’s property so that dog does not become a nuisance to membership. Dog owners must pick up solid dog waste when walking their dog. If members encounter problems, they should call Nevada County Animal Control, Phone Number-530-265-1471. Check PVCA website for Co. forms. There can be no action by the BOD without confirmation of complaint to Animal Control and reasonable proof of the animal being off leash on PlaVada property, to include photos and/or sworn eyewitness statements. (See General Fine Policy for additional information.)

Ideas to help in this area include providing bag stations and reminder signs. These will be considered going forward.

The second concern is about the winter parking in the Unit 6 parking lot. Even though our roads are private, more and more people seem to be using the parking lot for snow play of several types. Our employees do check on this when they are available yet there seems to be more and more coming in every year. The board will see if a part time security person could be hired for the weekends to stand by the bridge and require all cars, trucks, etc. to show proof of membership to enter PVCA. This may cause a backup, yet it will help over time to keep out nonmembers. Be prepared to show your parking pass or have your ID to show name. The security person will have a copy of the membership list with owner name and Plavada address.

The Election Policy is still under revision to comply with new state regulations. The election for Board of Directors is coming up. Submission letters for candidate self-nominations are due in the office by May 5, 2020. Candidates’ letters to members will be included in the election packet sent out 30 days before the election date, June 20, 2020. This year there are 4 positions open, not 3. The Board Meeting minutes explains this.
Member make-up of the board: We have five directors and one alternate. Terms are regularly for two years, however to get ourselves back to having three directors remaining on the board while voting for three, there will be four positions open for voting. KH suggested the following options for the upcoming election: (1) the person getting the most votes without acclamation has a three year term; (2) the person getting the least number of votes without acclamation has a one year term; (3) have an acclamation acceptance and the board decides who will get an additional year and who will have a one year term. The decision will be made at the next meeting.

The Lot Maintenance Policy is still under revision.

The next meeting is March 21, 2020, 9:00 AM, Donner Summit PUD Office.

Enjoy Pla-Vada,

PVCA Board of Directors

PVCA Approved Budget 2020-2021