Dumpster Info

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Hello Members,
With the extreme snow this last weekend and continuing weather throughout this week, Brian found that the dumpsters have not been cleared. He called the dump and they admitted they were unable to come service the dumpsters this week and will not return until this next Monday. If you are in Pla-Vada this weekend, check the dumpster load before leaving your garbage. All garbage must be put inside the dumpster with the lid closed. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GARBAGE OUTSIDE THE DUMPSTERS. TAKE IT HOME, IF NECESSARY. There are cameras watching the dumpster area and anyone leaving garbage outside the dumpsters will be subject to a fine as well as having the garbage returned to your lot. Our employees should not have to clean up after inconsiderate members. Also, there is a lot of snow in Pla-Vada right now. Review the parking policy to be sure your are in compliance.
Thanks for following the policies.
PVCA Board of Directors