Board Message April 7, 2020

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Here is the update from the Board meeting held April 4, 2020 on Zoom. Thank you to those members joining the meeting on Zoom. The next meeting, April 18, 2020, will also be held on Zoom. Look for the invitation coming to you by email earlier that week. The Board election is coming up in June. Self-nomination letters for those members interested in running for the Board are due into the office by May 1, 2020. You can send them by email or mail. There are 4 positions open on the Board this year. To get the positions back to 3 directors serving a 2-year term, the Board voted on this option outlined in the Board meeting minutes: Election: It was moved by KH, seconded by CD to accept Option 1 regarding the election. Motion carried. Basically, one person will get a three-year term and the rest will get two-year terms. If we have an election by acclamation then the new board will choose who has the three-year term. Option one reads as follows: Provided we have more candidates than seats available we take the person with the most votes and give that person a three-year term with the stipulation that they are not the alternate for the first year.

April is the beginning of our fiscal year. The new assessments will be sent out by June 1, 2020, due August 1, 2020, and delinquent September 1, 2020. Brian reported new towing signs have replaced the old ones. Be sure you are following the Parking Policy to prevent towing. Annual Cleanup days, the third Saturday in June and the second Saturday in September will be used to help around Pla-Vada. Watch for details. Dog Poop stations are on the agenda for the next meeting since many members tell us about problems with members not cleaning up after their dogs. Keep dogs on a leash or under voice control while walking and clean up after your dog. There will be a drainage project at the corner of Bristlecone and Conifer to help alleviate the water flow on lots. This should happen in May, weather permitting.

The next meeting, April 18th, will be held on Zoom. Watch for the invitation earlier that week.

Enjoy the late snow, stay safe.

PVCA Board of Directors