Board Message April 9, 2020

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Hello Members,
With this coming weekend looking like a great time to be in the mountains, this is a reminder that social distancing, 6′ at least, is still very important in our common areas like the roads and the parking lots. No large groups should be walking around together. Masks are recommended as well. Also, when sending out the meeting update, I mentioned the dog policy. Reviewing the policy it states: Dogs, and all other animals, are not allowed to run free on any of Pla-Vada common areas or road right of way (ROW) at any time. Dogs MUST be on a leash when off the owner’s property so that the dog does not become a nuisance to membership. Dog owners must pick up solid waste when walking their dog. Be sure to follow the Parking Policy especially if you do not have room in your driveway to park cars.
Let’s be conscious of others, enjoy our time, and follow the recommendations and policies while enjoying Pla-Vada.

PVCA Board of Directors