Update for April 18, 2020

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Hello Members,

This is the update from the 4/18/20 meeting. One of the first concerns of the Board was the effect the current situation has on our members, especially with the annual assessment coming up. At this time, the dues are set at $1800.00 for cabins and $920.00 for undeveloped lots with the due date for payment August 1st and delinquent charges September 1st. The Board voted to include these modifications for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Due to covid-19 we are extending the time to pay your dues with no penalty. Dues are due August 1, 2020. If you can pay your dues by the normal due date of August 1, we will discount the dues by $100 on a cabin, and $50 on lots. Late charges and penalties will not begin to accrue until November 1, 2020. This will help us be sure to cover our expenses and at the same time give members a little more time if they are encountering a hardship.

The letters for self-nomination to run for Director in the upcoming election must be received by May 5st. You can send the letter by email or regular mail.

The revisions to the Lot Maintenance Policy were finalized and will be voted on at the May 16th meeting. Last year was the first year lot inspections occurred and the Board worked on this section to help members address concerns in a timely and reasonable fashion.

Member concerns with dog waste on the roads and in lots leads the Board to try out dog waste stations. Funds were set aside to set up about 5 stations within Pla-Vada. Those will be coming this summer.

With more members taking advantage of Pla-Vada’s location to the outback, the impact of snow mobiles on the roads and in the parking areas is a concern. When the snow mobiles run on the roads before Brian and the others can clear them, the packed snow makes it hard for them to effectively clear the road. Please stay off the roads with your snow mobile till the roads in your area have been cleared. When parking in Pla-Vada lots, you must hang your placard with contact info from your rearview mirror. Each lot may only have 2 placards. You should park at least the first 2 vehicles in your own driveway since they don’t need placards and help make room in the parking areas for others. Also, parking must be perpendicular to the snow bank, not parallel. This allows for more cars in the lot. Further discussion on this will take place.

With the melting of the snow, plans for the Fire Wise and Entrance committee meetings will be discussed at the next meeting. If you would like to join one of these committees, please contact the office.

Contact the office if you have any feedback or questions. The next meeting will also be held by Zoom till it’s cleared to meet in person. Watch for the Zoom invite as the meeting date approaches.

PVCA Board of Directors