Update for June 20, 2020

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This is the update from the regular and annual Board Meeting of June 20, 2020. Thanks to all members who joined the Zoom meeting. It was good to see returning and new members join in with the discussions. Also, thanks to all members who joined the June workday. There were over 20 members who came out to help Brian with area cleanup. Their work is greatly appreciated! The next cleanup day will be in Sept. PG&E continues with tree work this summer. The ban on fire pits from the fire marshal started June 15th. It will continue till Nov. The pine needle dumpsters will be in front of Brian’s house the weekend of July 11th. Only loose pine needles and pine cones are allowed, no bags nor garbage. Pla-Vada will not pick up pine needles nor twigs from the roadside. Watch for the dates for another round of dumpsters. Brian’s planning the first chipping time the week after the dumpsters. Place limbs, 3”-6” in diameter, cut end out, at the roadside, no twigs. The chips will be placed on your lot. Much of the discussion centered around the Fire Wise plan. Thanks to Anne-Flore, Paul Wheeler, and Chris and Mike Anderson for working on the committee to insure Pla-Vada follows the wild fire prevention guidelines. We will include a section on the website to inform members of the 3-year plan. This plan, along with the implementation of the Lot Maintenance Policy, will help Pla-Vada stay safe from wildfires. The first round of Lot Maintenance inspections occurred in late May. Affected members will receive letters outlining the problem and a timeline for compliance. Another discussion centered on the parking. Several ideas were presented and will be addressed at the next meeting.

Thanks to Jeff Davenport for all his years on the Board. He stepped down this year and Al Faccini will take his place. The new Board of Directors and their positions on the Board are:

Kate Helfrich, President
Eric Lombardi, Treasurer/Maintenance, Operation Liaison/Roads/Architecture
Kayla Woods, Secretary/Communications
Bob DeHuff, Maintenance, Operation Liaison
Craig Doty, Architecture
Al Faccini, Water/Sewer

The next meeting of the Board is July 18th. Watch for information whether by Zoom or in person.

Enjoy the Summer in Pla-Vada!

PVCA Board of Directors