HOA Meeting Update July 18th, 2020

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Hello Members,

Here’s the update from the July 18th meeting. With this meeting being the first one after the election, the 6 Board members needed to pick an alternate and a Director to serve a 3 year term. Al Faccini volunteered to be the alternate. To get the election policy back on track with 3 positions up for election next year, Bob DeHuff will serve a 3-year term on the Board. Several projects begin soon. The drainage project on Bristlecone and Conifer will help in several ways. More parking will be available on Bristlecone for members and their guests along with helping with water runoff issues down Bristlecone and Conifer. A waterline and valve replacement on Conifer will help prevent leaks on the main line. This also helps so that Brian does not have to turn off the water to all cabins but can isolate the problem areas. Watch for road construction starting Aug. 1st. The Board is working on getting more dumpsters for pine needles within the next 2-3 weeks as well as another garbage dumpster for the shop area. Be sure to push your garbage to the rear of the dumpster, if possible. So much garbage is just dropped into the front that it limits the garbage space. When Brian and Mark open the lids to check on the garbage, they often find cardboard boxes blocking the space. Break down the boxes before you put them in. Along with the FireWise program being implemented, Nevada County will have a test of an Emergency Alert Notification System scheduled for August 12th. See the information sheet attached and on the website. On the Fourth of July, fireworks were reported within Pla-Vada. According to our General Rules, members must follow the guidelines set by the Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal sign by the bridge said no wood fire pits, no fireworks. Members are subject to the fine policy if reported. Also, you can call 911 if you see an open fire within Pla-Vada. Pla-Vada joined the Donner Summit Association to support their efforts. Check out their activities in the area. With an increase of members using their 2nd home to isolate from others, speeding in the association has increased. Remember our speed limit on our roads is 15 mph. Updated parking placards were discussed to help with the winter parking and parking in general. Watch for the new road signs and signs at the sewer ponds. The dog stations are installed in several areas. Please use them when walking your dogs. The next Lot Maintenance Policy inspection will be July 25th. If you received a letter from the May inspection, the mentioned concern should be solved or fines may apply. The Lot Line Adjustment to give Pla-Vada ownership of the area around the shop and the well on Conifer is finalized. Pla-Vada has a 3rd full time employee, Edward Roe. He’s been here for the past 6 months and has accepted a full-time position. When you see him with Brian or Mark, introduce yourself and say “Hi”. The website is undergoing an update. Check it out. Also check out the 1-page reminder of Pla-Vada rules submitted by a member, very clever. He mentioned this would be good to post on the refrigerator and especially if you rent out your home. Remember, the owner is responsible for the actions of your family, guests, or renters.

The next Board Meeting is August 15th, probably by Zoom. Watch for announcements on FaceBook and the website.

Summer is here, enjoy the outdoors in Pla-Vada.

PVCA Board of Directors