HOA Update from the general meeting on 15 Aug 2020

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Here is the update from the August 15th Board Meeting. Thanks to all who joined the Zoom meeting. The Board likes member input. There has been a change to the drainage project at Bristlecone and Conifer. Nevada County is requiring PVCA to have a permit and maybe a professional engineering plan to continue the project. Since this involves time and money, that project is on hold. The parking area will still be developed but trying to help members with winter/spring flooding issues will have to wait. While driving around, Brian and the boys noticed members “watering the rocks”. If you have grass lawns on your property, please be sure that’s where the water goes. We’re wasting water if we water the rocks. Another pine needle dumpster will be on site Aug18-Aug 25. The last dumpsters of the season arrive Sept 18-Sept 21. Chipping will happen the week of Sept. 15. Be sure the cut end is on the roadside and no bigger than 6” in diameter. Plavada does not chip professionally cut trees limbs nor piles of twigs and pine needles. The arbor company must handle their cut limbs and members, their twigs and pine needles. Speeding has been a major problem in the area. Our speed limit is 15mph. Signs and painted reminders are on the roads. If you are reported to the office for speeding, you will be subject to the Fine Policy. Members are responsible for the actions of their family and guests. Brian is looking into using undulations in the road instead of speed bumps since they will not interfere with snow plowing in the winter. If you are interested in using the boom lift, we have it on site through the month of Aug, contact the office or Brian. There is a charge for the use.

The next Board Meeting is September 19, 2020. We don’t know if it will also be by Zoom or in person.

Enjoy the rest of summer in Pla-Vada,

PVCA Board of Directors